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Immediate pre- and post-operative expenditures are included in package rates to minimize the other financial expenses to the patient.

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Guardian Pharmacy of Daytona currently serves customers from Volusiasouth to Brevard, west to Seminole, Lake and Marion counties and northto Flagler, St

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Tell us more about the Carte Blanche you were referring to.

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India’s expertise in reverse drug engineering and the efficiency of its pharmaceutical manufacturing industry fast established it as the prime source of generic medicines in the world

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When she arrives at the dock at 10:00, your ever-romantic self will be waiting in the old wooden rowboat with a lit candle at the bow

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expansion in their foreign aid sector is in concessional loans, accounting for the bulk of aid that has

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There are shops where ladies in stiletto heels pay Bal Harbour prices for outfits that will be out of style before low tide, but these establishments can be fun, too

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